Get data-driven investment ideas by monitoring companies' activity

We collect companies' activity data from the web and provide it as a convenient system of notifications and dashboards. Get early access
If you want to track private companies,  check our heartbeat product
Instead of marketing
chit-chat, just input any ticker and check it out:
For example, our data for GME:
Receive real-time notifications
when a company hires/fires employees, publishes an abnormally popular post on social media, gets significantly more traffic to the website, raises/cuts salaries, and much more.
We monitor all the indirect metrics of a company that may affect its stock price.
Use Contora to track your list of tickers:
Few basic steps that will take
up to 3 minutes of your time:
Subscribe to open your user account
Choose companies you want to track from a drop-down list of tickers, and how you want to receive real-time alerts
Start receiving real-time alerts in your communication channel
Signals + historical data dashboards
unlimited number of metrics
up to 50 companies to monitor
streaming signals through email or Telegram
daily summary of most dynamic companies and their latest metrics
access to charts with historical data
19$ 9$
per month
up to 5 companies for free
Signals + historical data for all companies
unlimited number of metrics
unlimited number of companies
streaming signals through Email/Discord/Slack
access to personal dashboards with historical metrics data for each company
per month
For business
unlimited number of companies
unlimited number of data metrics
ability to use our API to get real-time insights
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