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Track any company's activity online,

in social media, in AppStore and more

Here’re all the metrics that we monitor
Social networks
Mobile stats
Hiring dynamics
  • Website status - if the website is up or has been down for a while
  • Change in number of pages on the website
  • Historical website traffic
  • Last homepage update date
  • Facebook - number of followers growth
  • Facebook - page likes
  • Facebook - viral posts
  • Facebook - last post date
  • Twitter - number of followers growth
  • Twitter - viral posts
  • Twitter - last post date
  • Instagram - number of followers growth
  • Instagram - viral posts
  • Instagram - last post date
  • AppStore - last app release date
  • AppStore - number of reviews growth
  • AppStore - average rating
  • PlayMarket - last app release date
  • PlayMarket - number of reviews growth
  • PlayMarket - average rating
  • LinkedIn - number of employees growth
  • LinkedIn - number of followers growth
  • Indeed - number of job openings
  • Indeed - company rating from employees
  • Indeed - company's salary satisfaction
  • Indeed - work happiness score
  • Glassdoor - number of job openings
  • Glassdoor - company rating from employees
  • Company's mentions on news outlets
  • Founders' CVs on Linkedin
We can provide the data via API, regular CSV file exports, or stream it to your Airtable base:
Do you want to track some companies?
It’s simple:
Send us a list of companies that you want to track. Add companies' websites, social media accounts, DBA names if you know them.
We collect historical data on the given companies and prepare a dashboard and/or an API for you.
You get the access to the Heartbeat Dashboard or integrate with our API and start receiving data on a daily basis.